Fabio Costa is a featured designer in the Folk Couture: Fashion and Folk Art exhibition and the second-place winner of “Project Runway: Season 10”.  Costa was born in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.  At the age of four, he was raised by his grandmother, a seamstress, who ignited his passion for construction. Fabio spent his formative years fascinated with how fabric translates into form and function, an endless manipulation of techniques based on storytelling. He had a strong connection with fashion design. He draped bed sheets around his body reminiscent of Grecian times and developed a distinctive eye for design. He continued to express his personality and identity through avant-garde fashion.

Fabio completed his Bachelor of Fashion Design at Universidade FUMEC, Brazil. He left Brazil a week later in pursuit of his own dreams and a thirst for more. In 2006, he moved to New York and continued his education at both FIT and PRAT. Today, Fabio continues to express the same enthusiasm for fashion. Project Runway helped him redefine and exceed expectations of himself and his status in the creative world.

In 2012, Costa started his clothing line, NotEqual.  With NotEqual, he explores creative innovation through fashion and art. His artisanal garments challenge traditional tailoring; each piece is individually draped and detailed to bring out the unique and the beautiful.  Genderless form and individuality exemplify NotEqual. His ambition is to push boundaries while offering rational fashion.

Est. 2012